passionate about art, history, design,

& the written word.

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Madeleine Mermall

Madeleine is an independent curator, art advisor, writer, antique enthusiast, tea pot collector, and sometimes artist, obsessed with art, history (especially the combination of the two), the sublime, genre painting, stained glass, deep time, and coffee.

Madeleine studied art history and creative writing at New York University, and after interning for Artforum Magazine, went on to work for Christie’s, and later Elephant Magazine, where she was communications manager for the U.S. Madeleine has been curating exhibitions since 2013, and begun the exhibition program at Spoonbill Books in 2017. She has been advising collectors since 2015, and doing freelance digital design since 2018. Her expertise include curation, exhibition design, research, project management, all things Adobe, photography, and both nonfiction and fiction writing.

A highly curious and inquisitive individual, Madeleine is exceedingly personable, adept at conceptualizing projects and seeing them through to completion, and harnessing critical and abstract thinking skills to learn on-the-go, problem solve, and develop unique ideas.

If she absolutely had to choose, her favorite painting would be Edward Hopper’s House by the Railroad.