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art advisor.

emerging artists | contemporary painting


Madeleine has helped find homes for works by Richard Bosman, Jane Dickson, Maggie Ellis, Daniel Heidkamp, Andrea Heimer, Karen Lederer, Anjuli Rathod, Giordanne Salley, Sarah Slappey, Michael Stamm, Paul Wackers, William Wegman, & more.



Madeleine is a full service private art advisor specializing in emerging art, particularly painting. Madeleine began working as an art advisor in 2015, with the mission of introducing private collectors and art enthusiasts to emerging art and assisting them in the acquisition of critical works. Madeleine offers an individualized and personal experience, guided by knowledge, experience, and passion, as well as the aesthetic interests of the client.

From the initial consultation, learning about individual personality, taste, and goals, and guiding individuals through the collecting experience to building substantive collections, forging long-lasting relationships that allow the client to grow with the art world, and continually looking at and evaluating art, fostering unparalleled partnerships with her clients and creating an individualized collecting experience is at the core of Madeleine’s practice.

Madeleine’s encyclopedic knowledge of and strong relationships with local galleries, artists, and dealers allows her to stay on the forefront with an ear to the ground, as well as provide collectors with enriching behind-the-scenes experiences and educational opportunities. Madeleine possesses a critical eye with an ability to see a work’s relevance on the art historical spectrum and identify emerging artists. Madeleine’s passion, enthusiasm, and expertise will allow collector’s to build collections they love through a fun and stress-free experience that further develops their appreciation of art.


Madeleine assists collectors throughout all phases of building an art collection, developing a unique plan for each client and representing their interests throughout the collection process. She strives to provide an enriching and enjoyable acquisition experience, guiding clients through purchasing from local galleries, studios, and collections.

With over 5 years of industry experience, Madeleine is ready to assist collectors in art acquisition from both established and emerging artists, with a particular passion about connecting art enthusiasts and collectors with emerging artists and creating patrons of art, rather than investors.

We offer additional services to assist our clients after the acquisition process has ended, and can happily assist our collectors in the management of their collections, from appraisal guidance and archival assistance, to art lending and exhibitions.